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The White Sheet Sessions, which are inspired by the iconic “In Bed with Marilyn Monroe” photography session are designed to capture a series of timeless portraits that have helped to define how we remember her and now you today. The portraits and sessions are designed to show you in an uninhibited comfort, both relaxed and fun, yet classy and sensual at the same time, using a simple white sheet, modest backgrounds and amazing lighting, ensuring the images are about you and your inner Marilyn.


We get asked all the time: “I’m so nervous - I”ve never done something like this before! Can someone like me really look good in these photos?

The answer is YES! - but first of all - it’s totally normal to feel nervous about doing a White Sheet Session. Getting this kind of photo taken is a very personal thing to do! And it is most likely out of your comfort zone... But some of the best things in life are outside of our comfort zone! One of the reasons that a White Sheet Session is so fun and so empowering is precisely because it is a little nerve-wracking. Everyone who leaves the studio says something like, “Wow, that was WAY more fun than I was expecting!

The things that make a White Sheet Session so fun and empowering are the same things that make our stunning range of wall art and presentation products the best gift ever. Clients often tell us: “My husband/boyfriend/fiancée will be so surprised that I did this. He would NEVER expect me to do a White Sheet Session.” And that’s exactly why this is is the best gift ever. The fact that you did this hard/nerve-wracking thing is part of the amazing gift.

Even though you’re feeling nervous, you’ve come to the right place. Our renowned friendly and relaxed approach, together with our mastery of lighting and posing, will capture stunning images that you will cherish forever.


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Once you have booked your session we'll have a chat to discuss how best for you to prepare and how you may want to display your final artwork. This can be done over the phone, via email or in person - whichever you prefer.

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We'll ensure your session is fun and exciting, but relaxed and comfortable too. With our expert posing and lighting skills we will create a beautiful series of portraits which you can treasure forever.

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You will be invited back to the studio typically one week after your session to enjoy a beautiful presentation of your stunning portraits on our large screen. It's a delightful and relaxed ordering session - what you fall in love with and choose to purchase is entirely up to you.


  • What should I wear?

    We provide the white sheet and bedding so there's not really much for you to bring!

    Please bring a pair of white knickers with you and, if you'd feel more comfortable wearing a stick on bra for the implied nude shots, then please bring this too. We would recommend not wearing a bra to the studio to avoid having strap marks when we start the shoot.

    We have a changing room and clean fresh robes for you to use.

  • How should I prepare?

    Some ladies like to go for a full makeover and hair styling while others like to keep it natural.

    Remember your nails will be in your portraits too, so polished or bare are both fine but try to ensure they are clean and tidy.

    Finally, hydrate as much as you can as this will help your skin look amazing.

  • Do I have to get naked?

    No, all the shots are implied nude. It's your choice whether you wear a stick on bra under the white sheet or are just natural.

    We maintain your privacy and dignity at all times.

    Nothing is shared online or in our portfolio without your permission - they are your portraits and your privacy is guaranteed.

  • Can you photoshop me?

    Yes... but with the posing skills we'll teach you and the lighting techniques we'll use we won't really need to!

    If you have any scars, tattoos, stretchmarks etc that you would like us to remove just let us know. Though we think they are beautiful and are a part of your story so, unless you request it, they will be left in. You've earned your tiger stripes and it's ok to be proud of them!

  • How much does a session cost?

    A £49 session fee is required to reserve your booking, however this is then deducted from anything you purchase.

    All portrait sessions include:

    ~ your portrait session with personalised styling

    ~ your private viewing 7- 10 days later in the studio

    Our stunning range of presentation products and wall art starts from just £350 with flexible payment options available.

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